Frequently asked questions and their answers as well as information regarding our products.

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What materials are used for Coraldo products? 

We are exclusively using natural materials for our products, like cotton, linen, palm tree leaved, cork or bamboo. This way we can develop products completely free of plastic and other synthetic materials. 


What is so special about the materials used by Coraldo? 

All materials used by Coraldo are absolutely 100% natural and are obtained and processed fairly and sustainably. Here are some of the benefits of some of our raw materials: Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and does not require any fertilizers or pesticides to grow. That makes our toothbrushes fully compostable and avoids any  non-degradable waste. Flax and linen are natural textile materials. Flax craves carbon dioxide and contributes to a healthy environment! When planted in suitable surroundings,s flax seeds absorb more than 3.7 tons of carbon dioxide per hectare and convert it into oxygen. The plant requires very little water and has almost no natural enemies, which makes the use of pesticides unnecessary. In addition, the materials for the Coraldo slippers are not bleached, which means that the slippers remain fully compostable. Cork is a 100 percent natural, biodegradable and renewable raw material. According to ReCork, cork trees are an environmentally friendly source. Layers of tree bark are removed (without damaging the tree) and processed into our products.


What are the materials of the packaging? 

Of course we also designed all of the packaging for our products to be plasticfree. We use materials that are high-quality but also can be recycled for our packaging, like paper, carton or corn starch. 


What benefit do the Coraldo products provide? 

With products from Coraldo your are not only contributing to a healthy environment, they also impress your conscious guests. Our products with their clean design are perfectly suitable for any hotel room and make a sustainable statement. Is there a way to put your hotel logo on our products? Of course there is! All of our products can be customized according to your design wishes. Please contact us using info@coraldo.com to discuss your individual needs. 


Can we get a sample of the products? 

Personal contact with our clients is of great importance to us! We will gladly set up an appointment to discuss our products. Please just send us a message to info@coraldo.com 


Is there a minimum amount to order? 

Our standard slipper “Cork” is available from 80 pairs and our slipper “Eco” from 100 pairs. In case we customize our products with logo and customize the packaging we usually require a minimum amount of 5.000 pairs. 


In which countries in a delivery from Coraldo available? 

Most of our clients are based in the EU. Please just contact us, if you wish to receive a delivery to any other country. How long does it take to receive the delivery? Our standard products are expected to be with our clients within 4 to 5 days. Customized products are expected to be delivered within 3 to 4 months.